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Andrews Terry Jeffers LLP Legal Blog | Month: February 2023

Beware of these rookie landlord fumbles in Washington

| February 15, 2023 
Many people see real estate investing as a way to generate passive income. Being a landlord can be hard work, however, and a bad tenant can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. If you are a new landlord, you must screen tenants carefully and understand that rental markets fluctuate, which can make it difficult […]

The financial implications of gray divorce

| February 13, 2023 
The rate of gray divorce, or divorce after 50, continues to increase, and with it comes certain financial implications. Residents of Washington who are ending their marriage and who are in this demographic should become familiar with these implications so that they can better prepare for the process and its aftermath. How gray divorce affects […]

What is nesting, and how does it benefit families?

| February 10, 2023 
A divorce isn’t easy for anyone, and it can be particularly hard for parents who have young children, as kids often suffer the most from the sudden change in the family situation. However, when the parents choose nesting, it might be the best solution for everyone. Understanding nesting Nesting is a type of child custody […]
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