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Mediation That Focuses On People, Not Processes

Litigating a personal injury lawsuit, a divorce or a child custody dispute can easily lead disputants away from the core issues and bog them down in legal proceedings. Court calendars, motions and countermotions and impersonal judges can take on a life of their own. Many people facing legal disputes say, “There must be a better way.” For many, mediation is the better way.

In mediation, legal opponents (usually with their lawyers by their sides) meet with neutral mediators who consider evidence that a jury might examine, but without the pressure of a public trial. At Andrews Terry Jeffers LLP, we recommend mediation over litigation for people who want to have a greater say in how their cases are resolved.

Advantages Of Mediation And How We Help

Our clients often opt for mediation to settle TEDRA actions, contract disputes, real estate matters, business disputes, employment discrimination claims or asset distribution in connection with a divorce or termination of a domestic partnership. Many experience benefits such as the following:

  • They and their opponents can agree to schedules that work for them, rather than being forced into a tight court calendar.
  • They can resolve private family matters and discuss sensitive, personal topics out of the public eye.
  • Those who are closest to a situation will be the ones deciding how to resolve it, rather than an impersonal judge who is not familiar with the disputants’ highest priorities.
  • Some who choose mediation save time and money.

Our attorneys often represent clients who have decided to use mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). We also supply mediators for opposing sides in lawsuits and family law disputes involving other law firms’ clients. Since 1949, our general practice law firm has built a strong reputation in the Vancouver area. Attorney referrals are welcome.

Is Mediation The Best Way To Resolve Your Legal Dispute?

You naturally want fairness and strong advocacy as you grapple with a legal conflict. Mediation may meet your criteria and provide a less costly and stressful path to resolution than a courtroom battle. Learn more about how mediation can help you put your legal problems behind you. Contact a lawyer at our firm to discuss your concerns and expectations.

To schedule a consultation, call 855-960-6065 or reach out to us through this website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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