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Andrews Terry Jeffers LLP Legal Blog | Month: November 2022

Options for resolving partnership disputes

| November 28, 2022 
Business partnerships in Washington usually work out well. But like with any partnership, things can go sour. Small disputes can become major problems that hurt the business. When business partners are unable to resolve their differences, they might have to look to business law for help. Here are some legal options for dealing with a […]

Why do many couples seek divorce in Washington?

| November 19, 2022 
It’s no secret that divorce rates are high in the United States. However, while there are many reasons why people might seek a divorce, some seem to be more common than others. Infidelity When you or your partner has an affair, it can create a feeling of betrayal that is difficult to come back from. […]

Your estate tax strategy can make or break your legacy

| November 9, 2022 
Maybe you have big plans for your estate in Washington. You probably want to know that you’re doing what’s right. But before you get too deep into those grand aspirations, it’s important to make sure you have a full understanding of which estate taxes apply. When should you strategize your estate plan taxes? It’s never […]
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