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The risks of driving in the rain

Motor vehicle accidents could happen when drivers follow all the road rules and avoid making any moving violations. However, rainy weather could make a routine Washington commute incredibly dangerous. Drivers hoping to avoid any collisions on slick roads when commuting in the rain may need to adjust their behavior behind the wheel.

Driving in the rain

A fundamental safety step during wet conditions involves traveling at a safe speed. Because the roads are wet, tires may lose traction. The wet roads could cause a vehicle to hydroplane and crash. Traveling too fast increases these risks, so slowing down is often advisable. Be careful of puddles, as hitting a puddle in the road might also cause hydroplaning.

Following vehicles too closely is not safe under any circumstances, but tailgating during rainy weather is exceptionally dangerous. Maintaining a reasonable following distance could give a driver more time to react if the lead vehicle suddenly stops.

Turning on the windshield wipers and lights is vital. However, old, worn windshield wipers won’t clear away the rain very well. So, replacing windshield wipers before the rubber wears out is essential.

Another routine maintenance step involves making sure the defrosters work. If the defrosters don’t operate properly, the driver might not be able to see through the windshield, increasing the risk of a crash.

Accidents and liabilities

Drivers operating their vehicles recklessly during rainy conditions could be involved in a car accident lawsuit. Speeding, weaving through traffic and cutting cars off could be more dangerous in rainy weather. Reckless drivers who cause collisions may be liable for any injuries or losses they inflict.

Drivers who fail to maintain their vehicles may also face negligence claims after an accident. Driving a car with worn tire treads in heavy rains could leave the motorist liable if the vehicle hydroplanes and hits a car or pedestrian.

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