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What is nesting, and how does it benefit families?

| February 10, 2023 

A divorce isn’t easy for anyone, and it can be particularly hard for parents who have young children, as kids often suffer the most from the sudden change in the family situation. However, when the parents choose nesting, it might be the best solution for everyone.

Understanding nesting

Nesting is a type of child custody and co-parenting arrangement that is gaining popularity. Instead of the child going back and forth between each parent’s home during their parenting time, they continue living in the family home. Meanwhile, one or both parents rent another place to live and share their respective time at the family home with the child. Whatever parenting schedule they choose, they switch off with one parent in the family home when it’s their time to have custody.

Benefits of nesting

When a family law judge allows parents to engage in nesting, there are certain benefits that all parties can enjoy. The children benefit by remaining in the home they feel most secure and comfortable in without having to worry about having their lives uprooted. They don’t have to shuffle from one home to another and can keep their friendships, remain in their school and continue participating in their regular fun extracurricular activities.

Another benefit for the child is that they don’t have to suffer any stress or anxiety from having to get used to new surroundings. Typically, kids already suffer stress from their parents’ divorce, but they don’t have to worry about it as much with nesting.

Parents also benefit from the nesting arrangement. They can save money by renting instead of buying a new home. They can also split the costs of the family home and don’t have to worry about supplying their child with new items to keep in a separate home as is customary with child custody situations.

Nesting is not necessarily appropriate for all families. However, if the two of you are on amicable enough terms and willing to put all else aside for the sake of your child, it might be the best thing for everyone.

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