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Andrews Terry Jeffers LLP Legal Blog | Category: Real Estate and Landlord/Tenant Law

Beware of these rookie landlord fumbles in Washington

| February 15, 2023 
Many people see real estate investing as a way to generate passive income. Being a landlord can be hard work, however, and a bad tenant can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. If you are a new landlord, you must screen tenants carefully and understand that rental markets fluctuate, which can make it difficult […]

Eviction: Definition and how it works under the law

Eviction is the legal process by which a landlord removes a tenant from a rental property. Whether in Washington or elsewhere, this process is governed by state and local laws, which vary by jurisdiction. Eviction process There are several reasons why a landlord may seek to evict a tenant, including nonpayment of rent, violation of […]

Ways to end your lease early in Washington

If you rent a home in Washington, you know that several actions could result in your landlord filing for an eviction. However, there are legal ways to break your lease if you must leave home or feel your landlord is not treating you appropriately. A safe habitat One of the most common ways to legally […]

Pros and cons of allowing tenants to sublet

Some Washington property owners allow their tenants to sublet. However, it’s important for them to weigh the pros and cons of this. Pros of subletting Allowing tenants to sublet can offer certain benefits. If the tenant is responsible paying their rent, they’ll ensure that this continues while subletting. Such a tenant won’t want to damage […]

Know your legal obligations as a landlord

Landlords in Washington have significant legal obligations to their tenants. Understanding these obligations can protect your real estate investments, reduce friction with tenants and prevent unnecessary litigation. You have legal obligations to your tenants Real estate and landlord/tenant law governs your relationship with your tenants. One aspect that relationship is the security deposit. The purpose […]

Equity skimming and Washington distressed property law

Residents of Washington may want to learn more about equity skimming, what it is and how the law sees it. The fact is that equity skimming is a type of real estate fraud and is a crime. You should know what it means and how it could affect you and your finances. According to law […]

Washington tenants have a right to working utilities

In most locales, renters have a right to working utilities in their homes. Whether you or your landlord in Washington is responsible for paying for utility bills, you still should be able to live in your rental unit with heat, electricity and running water kept in reasonable repair. Who is responsible for paying? Tenant law […]

An overview of your rights as a tenant

| September 21, 2021 
When you rent a Washington home or apartment, you pay for the right to occupy a property owned by someone else. Generally speaking, you have control over that property throughout your lease period. However, your landlord still retains certain rights such as the ability to inspect, showcase or otherwise keep tabs on the home while […]

Issues that might complicate the closing process

On closing day, you officially take ownership of the Washington home that you offered to purchase from the current owner. However, there is no guarantee that the closing process is going to go smoothly. If there are any problems with the title, issues with getting a mortgage or the seller simply changes his or her […]

What’s included in a seller’s disclosure in Washington?

Just like many other states, Washington has its own set of standards for what a seller must disclose regarding their property when they put it on the market. The seller’s disclosure is intended to help the buyer understand the entire property that they’re purchasing and any sort of potential liabilities that come along with it. […]
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