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Andrews Terry Jeffers LLP Legal Blog | Month: September 2021

An overview of your rights as a tenant

| September 21, 2021 
When you rent a Washington home or apartment, you pay for the right to occupy a property owned by someone else. Generally speaking, you have control over that property throughout your lease period. However, your landlord still retains certain rights such as the ability to inspect, showcase or otherwise keep tabs on the home while […]

Can you get a divorce if your spouse opposes it?

| September 15, 2021 
Divorce is one of the most personal and serious decisions facing couples in Washington. Coming to the decision to get a divorce is a serious step. Sometimes, couples agree to divorce amicably. But more often, it’s a decision made by one partner. Their spouse may not agree to the idea of splitting up. When that […]

The role of a probate court judge

| September 8, 2021 
Probate court judges in Washington may perform a variety of duties for individual estates. However, the primary function of a probate court judge is to oversee the distribution of a person’s assets after they die. The judge’s degree of involvement in this process will depend on the estate plan or lack of estate plan that […]
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