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Andrews Terry Jeffers LLP Legal Blog | Month: April 2021

How accurate is eyewitness testimony?

| April 20, 2021 
Criminal defendants in Washington know that it is not a good sign when an eyewitness points to them from the witness stand. Eyewitness testimony is among the most convincing pieces of evidence delivered at a criminal trial. However, more legal professionals are speaking out about the potential inaccuracies that can exist with eyewitness testimony. The […]

Three important tips for avoiding business contract disputes

| April 13, 2021 
Business owners from all walks of life are proud to call Washington home. With that in mind, you might also be a business owner that’s ready to sign a contract with another company. During this time, it’s understandable to ensure you accomplish everything properly. To help you out, here are three tips to help you […]

What could break a business partnership apart?

| April 1, 2021 
A solid and productive partnership could result in a constructive and profitable business relationship. Not every collaboration in Washington works out, though. Sometimes, the warning signs are evident early on whereas other partnerships may work fine for years before falling apart. Understanding why business partnerships fail might lead to taking necessary steps at the first […]
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