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Andrews Terry Jeffers LLP Legal Blog | Category: Business Law

LLC operating agreements in Washington

| January 18, 2023 
Many small business owners in Washington might be familiar with limited liability companies, also known as LLCs. Setting a business up as an LLC has a lot of financial and legal benefits for business owners that all come down to the operating agreements. What is an LLC operating agreement? The operating agreement essentially outlines the […]

Joint ventures and partnerships

| December 9, 2022 
In the business world in Washington state, you sometimes need to collaborate with others to achieve specific goals. Two of these circumstances include the formation of a business partnership and that of a joint venture. However, these two things are not always synonymous. They are, in fact, quite often very distinct and come with different […]

Options for resolving partnership disputes

| November 28, 2022 
Business partnerships in Washington usually work out well. But like with any partnership, things can go sour. Small disputes can become major problems that hurt the business. When business partners are unable to resolve their differences, they might have to look to business law for help. Here are some legal options for dealing with a […]

Is a limited partnership right for you?

| October 26, 2022 
Small businesses contribute enormously to the economy of Washington state. However, the financial burden of forming a new company prevents many would-be small business owners from launching a startup For potential business owners who need to quickly gain capital for their business, choosing a limited partnership might be the best choice. Limited partnerships must involve […]

Methods of resolving contract breaches in Washington

| April 6, 2022 
When there’s a contract breach, you don’t necessarily need to go to court to resolve it. You have other methods to potentially resolve the dispute, such as mediation and arbitration. In Washington, oral contracts have a statute of limitations of three years, and written contracts have a statute of limitations of six years. You should, […]

Why business owners should pay attention to a new tax program

| January 25, 2022 
From the day-to-day operations of your business to keeping up with the needs of clients, being a pro-active business owner is no small feat. However, it is important as a business owner to not overlook the ever-changing landscape of business law and the regulations that impact their operations. In January, a formative vote took place […]

How to dissolve a business partnership

| October 19, 2021 
Owning a business in Washington can be exciting and rewarding. However, issues might arise that lead to changes. Among those changes, it might be necessary to dissolve a partnership. If your business partnership hasn’t worked out or a partner wants to move on, you can take steps to dissolve the partnership. Review the partnership agreement […]

Recent changes to the law can impact your business

| October 5, 2021 
Business laws have been evolving rapidly in recent years. In California, state law AB5 dealing with workers in the gig economy created waves in many industries. But federal law has changed as well. In Washington state, entrepreneurs also need to be aware of the ways that legal changes may impact their businesses. Violating one of […]

What is equitable relief in Washington?

| June 18, 2021 
There are a lot of jargon terms used in business law and financial matters. If you’re just getting into finance law within the Washington area, then you might have heard the term “equitable relief.” What is equitable relief? In business law, equitable relief is any court-ordered resolution to a case, often used outside of legal […]

How does contract rescission work in Washington?

| June 15, 2021 
Contract rescission works a bit differently depending on which state you’re in. Washington has laws governing how long a person has to cancel a contract after signing it. Depends on the type of contract There are different rules for cancelling each type of business contract. You must check Washington’s business law statutes to know if […]
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