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Criminal Defense

Protecting Your Freedom And Rights In The Face Of Criminal Charges

If you are facing criminal charges, the consequences of a conviction can be life-altering. When going up against the government’s prosecutors, it is essential for you to retain a seasoned criminal lawyer who can help you mount a strong defense against the charges you face.

Andrews Terry Jeffers LLP has the experience needed to assert your rights and safeguard your future. Our legal team is comprised of proven trial lawyers who have the insight and tenacity it takes to put up a strong defense in the courtroom.

Misdemeanors Vs. Felonies

A misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor – such as driving with a suspended license or violating a restraining order – is classified as a relatively minor crime, but the penalties can still be significant. Under state law, defendants convicted of a misdemeanor can face up to $5,000 in fines, one year in jail or both.

Felony charges like armed robbery or the selling of illegal narcotics are more serious, and so are the sentences. Washington law specifies the maximum penalties for criminal convictions by statute, and depending on the class of felony, you could face up to life imprisonment and a fine of up to $50,000.

No matter the severity of the charge, the consequences can be detrimental to your freedom and your finances. We will leverage our extensive experience to build an effective legal defense for your case and fight the charges against you in order to limit the effects on your life.

An Effective Defense For Traffic Violations

Traffic offenses can range from speeding or running a red light to fleeing the scene of an accident and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. All of these alleged violations carry the potential for lost driving privileges, fines and increased auto insurance rates.

While it might seem like pleading guilty is the easiest way to move forward, it may not be in your best interests to do so. When you face a motor vehicle driving charge, our firm can work to minimize the consequences of the citation by disputing it in court, potentially saving you from accruing unwarranted points on your license and various other penalties.

Seal And Expunge Your Criminal Record

When you have a criminal history, the effects can last a lifetime. The records can remain on file indefinitely and are accessible to the public, which can impact your employment prospects, real estate searches and your credit. To minimize the effect that your records can have on your future, our firm has significant experience with sealing and vacating convictions and court records to remove the impact of these barriers on your life.

Defending Against Unfair Domestic Violence Accusations

A domestic violence charge can be overwhelming, especially when the allegations could lead to incarceration and an inability to return to your home or be with your family. With prosecutors aggressively pursuing these cases, we can help you defend against charges of domestic violence and seek a reduced charge or a complete dismissal. Trust our firm to evaluate the facts of your arrest and the evidence in order to defend you in court, protect your rights and aim to preserve your future.

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