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Turn to a Reputable Lawyer to Write Your Living Trust

| June 27, 2018 

When it comes to estate planning, many people think about writing their revocable living trust on their own. The truth is, even with programs like Legal Zoom, there are many pitfalls to legal do it yourself (DIY). While the initial cost may not be as much as going through a reputable lawyer, you could be doing yourself or your children a major disservice and incurring significant costs. The programs also do not assist in placing assets in the trust.The Process is Different for Everyone – The programs and books available to people who wish to write their living trust on their own only cover the basics. They are made to be as generic as they possibly can be so that they can apply in every state. However, everyone’s situation is different, so you can’t expect a generic software program to fit your estate-planning needs. The danger is that you may not accomplish for your beneficiaries what you intended. It may even be that a trust is not for you.  The programs can’t intuit what is best for your situation.Laws Can Vary – Every state has their own laws regarding living trusts, and those laws can vary widely from state to state. Only an experienced lawyer in your state will know the laws specific to you and can help you navigate your state’s legal landscape.

DIY Disclaimers – DIY books and legal software are not a substitute for real legal advice, and they will tell you this on their packaging. It is always better to consult with an attorney when it comes to something as important as estate planning.

Getting What You Pay For – You are creating a living trust so that you can take care of your loved ones after you are gone. If you want them to be taken care of properly, you really do get what you pay for. Choosing an experienced attorney for estate planning in Vancouver, WA, is always the smarter choice.

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