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Traffic Defense Law

Get Legal Support From A Skilled Traffic Defense Lawyer

Have you recently been charged with a traffic offense in the Vancouver, Washington, area? Even for first-time offenders, a guilty conviction can have serious consequences. You could face heavy fines, the loss of your driving privileges or even jail time. Contact an experienced traffic defense lawyer at Andrews Terry Jeffers LLP for a free consultation.

Since 1949, we’ve helped countless clients navigate complex legal situations. Your traffic defense lawyer will fight tirelessly for you in the courtroom. Call us today for help with traffic defense.

Don’t Let A Traffic Offense Wreck Your Driving Record Or Your Finances

Traffic cases require a creative and tenacious lawyer who can tailor a legal strategy around the evidence or lack thereof. Our lead traffic defense lawyer, John Terry, can help you with a variety of traffic-related offenses. Our firm is a source of help for you after a traffic citation, such as:

  • Reckless driving
  • Negligent driving
  • Racing
  • Speeding

We can also defend you against hit-and-run charges and other driving offenses, including driving under the influence of alcohol. Our DUI defense practice focuses on protecting clients’ freedom, driving privileges and driving records. We aim to help you avoid harsh consequences of a conviction, including fines, jail time and greatly increased car insurance rates.

To schedule a consultation with John Terry or another attorney at Andrews Terry Jeffers LLP, call us today at 855-960-6065 or complete our online intake form.

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