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Pro Se Services in Vancouver, WA

The attorneys at Morse Busby Andrews & Terry LLP are sensitive to the fact that legal services can be very costly. To assist you with this, we have created an alternative program designed to save you money.

“Pro Se” refers to a party who represents themselves in a legal matter rather than being represented by an attorney. Pro Se Services are the right choice when you indicate you wish to represent yourself Pro Se and request an attorney provide you certain legal services to assist you. Pro Se Services help you represent yourself in the process while the attorney from Morse Busby Andrews & Terry LLP acts your consultant and advisor. Pro Se Legal assistance may be referred to as unbundled services.

With Pro Se Services the attorney at Morse Busby Andrews & Terry LLP will:

  • Provide only the assistance you specifically request and that we agree to do on a visit-by-visit basis. Examples of assistance you might request:
    • Helping draft paperwork
    • Giving general advice as to how to proceed
    • Appearing on a limited basis for a specific hearing or negotiation
    • Assume absolutely no responsibility for the case on an ongoing basis.

    You will be responsible for all aspects of the litigation for your case. Items you are responsible for would include, but are not limited to:

    • Filing of papers in a timely fashion
    • Following the case schedule by tracking and meeting deadlines
    • Representing yourself at any hearings, including being responsible for the content of any arguments made by you in court

    Rather than having to pay an upfront deposit or “retainer fee,” you will be charged the regular hourly fee for the attorney and for work done by staff on your behalf. You will be responsible for all out-of-pocket expenses incurred by us on your behalf. Examples of these expenses include but are not limited to:

    • Court filing fees
    • Service of process
    • Photocopies
    • Courier delivery

    Payment, unless otherwise arranged, will be at the time service is rendered.


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