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Southwest Washington Lawyers Help Clients Resolve Challenging Family Law Issues

Knowledgeable Vancouver attorneys provide skilled representation in all types of family matters

Life changes can be challenging and emotional, especially when your children’s welfare is at stake. When you are facing a stressful personal situation, you need a law firm that can capably represent you and reach an outcome you can live with. With a strong focus on family law issues such as divorce, child support and the division of marital property, the knowledgeable attorneys at Morse Busby Andrews & Terry LLP have significant experience handling these matters and can provide capable representation at the negotiating table or, if necessary, in the courtroom.

Team of legal advocates offer divorce mediation services

Many couples choose to mediate their separation or divorce in the hopes that they can reach an amicable settlement outside of court and incur less legal expenses in the process. If you and your spouse are ready to compromise and want to dissolve your marriage in this way, our team of experienced lawyers can serve as neutral third parties to mediate an agreement that works for both of you.

Trusted counsel provides sound advice on spousal support

In addition to property division, child custody and child support, one of the biggest divorce-related decisions is alimony. Whether you are seeking spousal support or being asked to provide maintenance, Morse Busby Andrews & Terry LLP can help you understand how the courts award alimony in Washington, which involves a consideration of the ages of both spouses, the length of the marriage as well as the intended recipient’s ability to financially support themselves following the divorce. Armed with the right information, we will put our skilled representation to work for you when negotiating spousal support in your unique circumstances.

Accomplished lawyers provide skilled prenuptial and postnuptial agreement representation

No one wants to think about their marriage ending, but it can make sound financial sense to create an agreement that outlines what happens to your assets in the event of divorce. Whether you want to draft a prenuptial agreement before your wedding or a postnuptial agreement after the ceremony, we offer knowledgeable representation and can create an agreement that protects your rights and is enforceable under the law.

Experienced attorneys offer trusted child support counsel

In Washington, child support is calculated based on a statutory formula, but the circumstances in a particular case can make determinations complex. Our seasoned attorneys can help you understand your and/or your spouse’s potential child support obligations and accurately establish income in order to reach a fair resolution. As your circumstances change, our advisors can also assist with child support modifications as well as enforcement and contempt issues.

Legal team helps families navigate the adoption process

When you want to grow your family, our firm has the compassion and experience to guide you through the often complex adoption process. From understanding the termination of rights of the biological parents to ensuring your interests are fully protected before the court approves the adoption, we will help you navigate every detail and aim to reach your goal.

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