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Protecting Your Civil Rights Through Legal Action

Whether you were roughed up by the police in connection with an arrest or encountered discrimination or harassment at work or in public, you may have strong reasons to believe that your civil rights were violated. Conferring with a civil rights attorney is the first step toward righting the wrong that you have experienced.

Morse Busby Andrews & Terry LLP, in Vancouver, Washington, advises and represents people with a wide variety of civil rights complaints. Our clients come from throughout the metro area and beyond, including in Oregon. If you are looking for an attorney who will listen, who cares and who will help you pursue justice, you have come to the right place.

Civil Rights Representation For Any Type Of Violation

Our clients’ cases involve a variety of civil rights issues, including police brutality, employment discrimination and more. With a diversified law practice dating from 1949, our firm has helped clients address and overcome a full array of civil rights violations.

Misconduct By The Police And Other Law Enforcement Agencies

Examples of civil rights violations in law enforcement contexts include the following:

  • Illegal search and seizure in connection with a drug crime investigation or any criminal matter
  • Excessive force during an arrest, investigation or demonstration
  • Violation of privacy
  • Brutality
  • Denial of due process
  • False arrest
  • Failure to read your rights
  • Racial profiling

Discrimination In Employment, Housing And Other Areas Of Public Life

Residents in the Vancouver area turn to us for counsel and advocacy when they encounter illegal discrimination and harassment, including the following:

  • Racial, religious or gender-based discrimination in hiring or on the job
  • Retaliatory discharge and other forms of wrongful termination
  • Discrimination or harassment by a public official, such as in connection with housing or health care
  • Freedom of speech violations
  • Racial discrimination in education

Reclaim Your Civil Rights With Our Help

You do not have to suffer alone without recourse after you have experienced violations of your civil rights. Our attorneys have abundant knowledge and experience that can become assets in your case. You may find a resolution through negotiations, by filing a complaint with a government agency or by filing a lawsuit. A just result might restore your freedom or bring you relief through financial compensation.

Explore the legal remedies that are available to you in connection with the denial of your civil rights. Our Washington civil rights lawyers are ready to hear your story. To schedule a consultation, call 855-960-6065 or inquire online.