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Ways to end your lease early in Washington

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Real Estate and Landlord/Tenant Law |

If you rent a home in Washington, you know that several actions could result in your landlord filing for an eviction. However, there are legal ways to break your lease if you must leave home or feel your landlord is not treating you appropriately.

A safe habitat

One of the most common ways to legally break a lease is because of the lack of habitability of the home. When looking at tenant law, landlords are to provide some form of access to running water, follow safety codes that are set forth by the state, and make repairs that are needed to maintain the home’s safety. You can file a written complaint with the landlord and with the local health department to try to get the issues solved. If nothing changes, then you can give notice that you’re going to leave home and end the lease.

Entry to the property

While landlords do have a right to enter the property that you’re renting, they are to give notice before they arrive. In most situations, this is a 24-hour notice so that someone can be home when they come or so that you can make arrangements to ensure that any pets are secured and that the entry is accessible. You can get a court order that requests the landlord not to enter your home without notice. If the landlord violates the order, then you could file to have your lease terminated.

When renting a home, you are entitled to a safe environment and privacy. If you don’t have these essential services while renting, then there are ways to end your lease early.