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Common reasons SSI is denied

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Social Security Disability and Appeals |

The Social Security Administration has an established system when it comes to approving and denying disability claims. Some cases are approved on the initial application when there is little to no argument regarding the claim of inability to earn a living due to a medical condition. However, the truth is that most claims are denied on the first application. Washington residents who experience difficulty in being approved for Social Security, especially those eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income, should learn about the common reasons for the denial.


Social Security disability and appeals rules are not the same for all age groups. Those who are under 50 years of age are often denied based on ability to find suitable employment. The SSA recognizes that age discrimination in employment often begins around age 50.

Exceeding personal asset allowance

The SSA has strict rules associated with who is eligible to receive SSI. The maximum amount of financial assets a claimant can possess is $2,000 for a single individual and $3000 for a married couple. In addition, claimants may own one primary home and a vehicle of significant value. Adjustments can sometimes be made before filing to ensure the financial need component for disability approval is met.

Lack of a debilitating condition

Applicants for SSI are approved according to the same rules that the SSA uses to evaluate Social Security Disability Insurance claims, so medical evidence must be convincing. This is where the appeals process is necessary. All claimants must prove their disability using medical documentation, including when they have multiple medical conditions.

Cases are sometimes approved through appeals based on a totality of circumstances and the physical impact on the claimant’s ability to work. Supplemental Security Income also differs from SSDI in that it is awarded each year after reevaluation of the facts.