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Attending family treatment court can be highly beneficial

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Criminal Defense, Family Law |

If you’re a parent involved in the child welfare system in Washington and you need access to drug or alcohol treatment, the regular Dependency Court is no longer your only alternative. Fortunately, you have another option and can volunteer for Family Treatment Court, or FTC. Taking this action has the primary goal of ensuring that your children have a permanent, safe environment with sobriety involved.

Court-monitored treatment for drug or alcohol dependency

Undergoing court-monitored treatment to help ensure that you stay sober is a possibility if you’re involved in the child welfare system, which wants you to provide a safe, sober environment where your child can live. Participating in FTC requires a 12-month to two-year obligation.

Goals of Family Treatment Court

One way to help promote the safe welfare of children in the dependency system is to address the needs of parents who are afflicted by alcohol or drug addiction. FTC was started to fulfill this challenge. Going through the program successfully can help ensure that your child has a safe, permanent home where sobriety is a top goal. You’ll be taught ways to seek resources to care for yourself and your children. Going this route can help steer you in the right direction and help avoid falling into a trap where you have to seek defense from criminal charges due to not thinking straight when you’re using drugs or alcohol.

Participating in family treatment court can help get your children back

Following through with the treatment plan provided by FTC can help you get your children back. It examines your parenting abilities and skills to ensure that you have a nurturing and safe environment for your children. Having this opportunity allows for more than just substance use treatment, which is all you receive by going to drug court.

Having the ability to attend the FTC program allows you to become sober. This is the first step to getting your children back and providing them with a healthy, secure environment where your family can thrive.