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Appealing a disability denial

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | Social Security Disability and Appeals |

You shouldn’t give up getting disability insurance after a disability denial. Like most applicants in Washington, you should appeal the denial. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act or ERISA governs the employer’s disability insurance. Through the act, valid claims are often denied. However, through appealing, your claim might win. Here are some tips on winning disability claims.

Request the appeal on time

After the rejection of your claim, you have 60 days to launch an appeal. If you miss the deadline, there are chances that the appeal shall not pass. The first levels are the reconsideration, ALJ hearing and Appeals Council Review. These three levels require the submission of particular forms. However, you can access the documents from the Social Security Disability website.

Writing an appeal letter

Although the Social Security forms allow you to explain why you dispute the appeal, you can still submit a letter with the documents. The letter can explain more reasons why you aren’t satisfied with the decision. At times, the denial letter comes with an explanation of determination, which explains the reasons for rejection. Ensure you rectify any errors included in the explanation of determination to avoid further rejection.

Get an opinion from your doctor

An opinion from your doctor allows you to explain the inconveniences brought by the disability. Although the statement might have a minimal role for the first appeal, it’s essential when backed by supporting evidence. Support from your doctor will help you win such cases.

Maintain honesty

Depending on the level of appeal, ensure you maintain honesty on your social security disability and appeals. Although you shouldn’t exaggerate the condition, feel free to include how the disability affects you.

Disability claims are a confusing maze. Thus, hiring an attorney is essential in writing a potentially successful appeal.