Our Philosophy

We feel that the “service” of law is a profession worth following. The law, our rules and regulations, is a tool to solve problems and disputes in society. Being a lawyer is a way for us to facilitate positive change and give back to our communities, preserving the fabric of discourse and family life and supporting our growth as people.

Everyone deserves to have someone stand with him or her against the power of the government and entrenched corporate interests. Our lawyers are not afraid to stand up for you and zealously advocate for your rights.

At Morse Bratt Andrews & Terry LLP, it’s about more than just winning right now. It’s about realizing how what you do now will affect you later. To schedule an appointment with a lawyer at our firm, call 1-877-818-7852 or contact us online.

Compassionate, Effective Representation

In some areas of law, emotions and desires may be extremely entwined with our notions of legal rights and our goals. When we first meet clients, they are going into a difficult period. It’s a very emotional time, and they are forced to make decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. Part of our task is to provide a sense of grounding in the midst of an extremely emotional state. We hope to provide the compassion our clients deserve while competently performing the legal tasks toward achieving their goals.

To do this, we have to engage them in real conversation — not just a dry process. We try to give our clients tools to help them make better choices and to become more aware. During moments of extreme stress, you have two choices: one leads you to resolution and the other leads to exhaustion, frustration and a higher price tag.

Our job is to help our clients to their goals without becoming distracted in the interim. Conflict allowed to reach its peak can result in years of poor relationships that inevitably follow. Engaging clients in meaningful conversation helps them to move past personal obstacles.

We use the law to help people solve their problems. If you need an attorney, call us today at 1-877-818-7852 or contact our offices online.