Domestic Violence

Relationships can be messy things, and sometimes emotional tension builds until it erupts into dangerous physical violence. It is important for police to be able to protect abused spouses and children from harm. It is also important for lawyers to be able to step in when innocent people are falsely accused of domestic violence.

At Morse Bratt & Andersen, LLP, we help the victims of domestic violence file orders to protect themselves from physical harm. We also defend those who stand accused of domestic violence. If you have experienced domestic violence or have been charged with it, we can help.

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The Intersection of Family and Criminal Law

Family law and criminal law overlap in domestic violence cases. A restraining order is not a criminal charge by itself, but violating a restraining order is a criminal offense. Even if the order is never violated, it can still seriously affect the outcome of a divorce. And like criminal charges, they can interfere with employment prospects and gun rights.

Washington's Strict Domestic Violence Laws

Compared to much of the rest of the country and especially compared to our neighbors to the South, the state of Washington has very strict laws related to domestic violence. For example, if the police come to your home because of a domestic violence complaint and they find any evidence of a fight - like a broken lamp or a hole in a wall - somebody has to be arrested and taken away.

Attorneys at Morse Bratt & Andersen, LLP, have the experience and dedication to help you get through issues involving domestic violence. We help abused spouses, and we also represent those accused of domestic violence. To schedule a meeting, call us today at 1-877-818-7852 or contact our offices online.