Divorce is one of the most emotionally and financially draining experiences anyone can go through. At Morse Bratt Andrews & Terry LLP, we do our best to decrease conflict and expense for our clients, always keeping an eye on how their life will be after the divorce is complete. We also recognize that negotiation and even reconciliation may be the best outcome. We are not committed to a particular outcome, rather advising our clients and working toward the goal they set.

If you are facing a divorce, schedule an appointment with one of our divorce lawyers by calling 1-877-818-7852 or by contacting our offices online. Our firm has local roots stretching back to 1949, and our lawyers offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in family law, handling issues such as:

Honest, Unvarnished Counsel

At Morse Bratt Andrews & Terry LLP, our lawyers believe that the best way to represent a client is to give him or her honest advice, every time. We will stand by your side and do whatever we can to further your best interests. However, divorce is a stressful time, and what you want today may not be what's best for your future.

If we think that you are making a mistake, we will tell you. This is because we are concerned about what's best for you — not what's best for us. For a lawyer, more conflict means more money. When we say we want to help you minimize emotional conflicts, we are trying to save your resources.

Talk to Your Lawyer When You Need To

Whenever a client calls our office, we do everything we can to make sure he or she is able to speak with one of our lawyers. We know how important your divorce is to you, and we place a high premium on the value of communication between lawyers and clients.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your divorce with an attorney at our firm, call 1-877-818-7852 or contact us online. We are ready to help.