Firm Overview

A Law Firm Handling Everyday, Extraordinary Problems

Life is complicated, no matter who you are. Our lawyers represent clients who face the same challenges and problems as everyone else - family conflict, brushes with the law, starting and running a business, unexpected injury ... the list can go on. When ordinary challenges turn into extraordinary legal problems, we are there to help.

A Proud Tradition Serving Vancouver, Washington

Our firm's roots in this area spread back to 1949. Since then, the firm has grown and gone through many changes, but our work ethic and reputation for quality legal service have remained the same. Together,our lawyers offer a wealth of legal knowledge and experience.

Focused, Personal, Honest Legal Service and Representation

While our firm handles a wide variety of practice areas, each of our lawyers has a specific focus. Your lawyer will have extensive experience handling cases like yours, whether it involves family law, criminal defense, real estate, estate planning, personal injury or business.

We Will Be There When You Need Us

Our lawyers make a genuine effort to be available to clients whenever needed. If you call with a legal question, we know that you want to talk to a lawyer. We will do our best to get one on the line. We are straightforward and honest with our clients. We tell the truth, and sometimes that means telling clients what they don't want to hear.

Our lawyers believe in the value of the service and practice of law. We believe that the law is a useful tool that keeps order in society and lets ordinary citizens enforce their rights against powerful government agencies and large corporations. Learn more about our philosophy.

Our attorneys see themselves as regular people helping regular people. If you have a legal problem, call 1-877-818-7852 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. Our offices are located between Main and Broadway on Mill Plain Boulevard in downtown Vancouver. We are located on a bus route, and plenty of free parking is available.